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Tell them apart with subways
Know people with help of subways
There roughly four types of persons in this world
and you can tell them apart with the help of subways.
These four types of people can be separated in to
Two main groups;
The ones who run to catch a train and the ones
that gives up and simply wait for next train to come.
The two under groups for the ones who run to catch
the train is;
1 Confident people who don't care what other
people think of them. They don't think that's it's
embarrassing to run into a train like a crazy person
with read cheeks and heavy breathing, instead
there just happy that they catched the train.
2 Desperate people who run cause there in a hurry
for some reason. You can tell them apart from the
nr 1 cause when they enter the train there embarrassed
and take a seat while trying to look as small as possible.
Quite often they pick up there phone or something
similar just so they'll have something to do and don't
have to look at the people around them.
The two under groups for peopl
:iconhannatheglow:HannaTheGlow 1 10
Trade yourself to belong?
Trade yourself to belong?
When I wake up in the morning
And look in the mirror
I see everything that makes
Me into me disappear
And someone I don't know
Take my place.
Someone who say things
I would never say and do things
I'd never dare
But no one else ever notice
to them the stranger is me
When she smile they think I do
And when she voice her thoughts
They take them as mine
And I let her do this every day
Because now she is me in
Everyone's eyes
If I suddenly became me again
I would be a stranger in everyone's eyes
To them she is me now
Yet I do not hate her
And neither do I love her
I just learn to live with it
Cause I don't know how else to manage
Only in the silence of my room
The true me surface and the
Stranger disappears
But for every passing day she stays longer
And I'm scared because soon
There will be no me left…just her
And what frightens me more
Is that I long for that to happen
It's her everyone knows and love
not me…
Is that really so wrong?
To trade yourself j
:iconhannatheglow:HannaTheGlow 3 11



Hanna G
Current Residence: Home
Favourite genre of music: I like almost everything
Favourite cartoon character: Nemi


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